Check out our new USBs for 2014!

 As promised in our Thank You 2013 video, we’re sharing all the cool things we have in store for 2014! At the top of the list for our 2014 goals is to take a close look at all things Rubber Boots Photography. We really want to dig into making everything that much better for our clients, which means this year is all about not only finding ways to make RBP run more streamlined as a business, but also about making our clients’ experience with us that much more AWESOME!

We are sooooo excited about the USBs we will now be offering our wedding clients starting January 2014! In the past years our couples have been receiving their digital wedding images on customized DVDs. The DVDs were great and our couples loved receiving them, however we felt it was time to find a new way to get our couples their wedding photos. Say hello to the new Rubber Boots Photography USBs!

Rubber Boots Photography, South Florida Photographer

Instead of receiving a set of DVDs, now all of your wedding photos will be on one USB drive! How cool is that? After a few weeks of working on the design, we were so thrilled with how they turned out!The moment we saw them we knew they were exactly what we were looking for. The poor delivery guys must have had such a fright when we both ran to the door the day they finally arrived!

Rubber Boots Photography, South Florida Photographer

Both the USBs and the boxes they come in are made from bamboo and laser engraved. The top of the USB has a little magnet to make sure your drive closes tightly and never falls off…Rubber Boots Photography, South Florida Photographer

Now it’s much easier for our wedding clients to not only back up their images, but also take their images with them to show friends and family!Rubber Boots Photography, South Florida PhotographerCan you tell we’re in love with these little fellas? We’re already looking forward to sending off our first wedding of the year just so we can share these USBs!

Rubber Boots Photography, South Florida PhotographerHappy 2014!

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