Cupcakes and Bridal Gowns…

Over a cup of coffee one day Tammy and I were day dreaming about how much fun it would be to have a glammed up bridal shoot complete with hair, makeup, and beautiful bridal gowns. Something a little different from a rock-the-frock session, we teamed up with Ali from Lady Kellet Makeup Artistry and Krystal Vias from Beauty Out Loud and invited three lovely ladies to our home studio for a glam bridal shoot…

Say hello to Michelle, Elizabeth, and Lara!

Rubber Boots Photography, South Florida Photographer

We haven’t met a bride yet that wouldn’t like another excuse to wear their wedding dress one more time. So when we asked these lovely ladies if they would volunteer to be models for our bridal session they were more than happy to be of service!

We wanted to surprise each of them with how their hair and makeup was going to be styled, so neither of them knew how they were going to look until they got there! For weeks we collected inspiration images for each bride’s look, then Ali and Krystal brought our vision to life…

Rubber Boots Photography, South Florida Photographer

Susan from Love the Blooms created a beautiful bouquet for our brides to hold during their session, and thanks to a bit of bubbly and these amazing cupcakes by Anais of Sugar Me Not Cakes

Rubber Boots Photography, South Florida Photographer

 we had such an amazing time with all these ladies watching them play bride one more time and enjoy working it for the camera. This week we’ll be posting images from their sessions. Special thanks to Ali and Krystal for their hard work and brilliance! Susan for her jaw dropping genius with her flowers! And a big thank you to Anais for making the day that much sweeter!

Stay tuned for Michelle’s session later on today!

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