Greetings from Youtube

This morning we spotted an RBP cameo in the new Great Bridal Expo video on Youtube!

Please excuse the face, apparently this is what I look like when I speak to the camera…

Rubber Boots Photography, Great Bridal Expo, South Florida Photographer

Yes my friends, we are now famous…not really, but a few seconds on a video that you didn’t put up yourself is pretty cool in  RBP world. During the fashion show segments you can even see our booth all the way in the back corner thanks to our nifty white balloons.

You can see the whole video below, we make our appearance around the 1:08 mark…yey!


We’ll definitely be participating in more bridal shows this year since last year’s was so much fun and we were able to meet so many amazing couples. Once we finalize our bridal show schedule we’ll make sure to post it here on the blog, stay tuned!

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