The Art of the Prop…

Props can make an adorable addition to your photo session, they add a bit of whimsy and if chosen correctly can make your photos even more special. The best part is they can be anything you want! The sky is the limit!

These are some of the props that we’ve been loving lately, I think my favorite is #3 😉

# 1: Balloons and Hula Hoops

Rubber Boots Photography

Leave it to the genius of Max Wagner to make balloons and hula hoops the ultimate engagement session item…

#2: Chalkboard Signs

Rubber Boots Photography

Say a little something with adorable chalkboard signs. This is a great idea, especially for custom thank you cards or save-the-dates.

#3: Your Furbabies

Rubber Boots Photography

Sir Kingsley from The Rockstar Diaries striking a pose for his family portrait…

#4: A Sweet Confection

Rubber Boots Photography

Cupcakes, French macarons, and colorful soda-pops can make an adorable addition to your photo session…

# 5: A Pretty Bouquet

Rubber Boots Photography

 Lately we’ve been using a bouquet of flowers as a fun little addition to our sessions. Flowers always have the ability to put a smile on anyone’s face, which is always the number one accessory for any photo shoot.

#6: Umbrellas


Love umbrellas!! What better accessory to go with your rubber boots? Choose one with a fun print on the inside to make it extra special.

Images: #1 – Photos by Max Wagner, #2 – Via The Bride’s Cafe by Amanda Watson Photography, #3- Via The Rockstar Diaries by Leo Patrone, #4- Via The Bride’s Cafe by Jodi Miller Photography, and #5 – Photo by Rubber Boots Photography, #6 – Via The Glamourai by Jeremy James
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